Dental Hygiene

Stafford Family Dental in Lethbridge believes that good oral health can come from routine dental cleanings.

Overall Health

It is important to prevent and treat gum disease and inflammation. Poor oral health can affect health issues including the heart and lungs.

Oral Health

Regular dental cleanings help prevent gum disease, minimizes the risk of tooth decay and screens for oral cancer. Routine teeth cleanings help keep your smile brighter and prevents tooth loss.


Plaque comes from bacteria and food debris that build up and form above and below the gum line. During your dental cleaning, we scale and polish your teeth to remove the plaque to help prevent bad breath, gum inflammation, and tooth decay.

Dental Hygiene Services

Our Dental Hygiene Services ensure that your teeth stay clean for long term health. As we age, eat, and interact, our teeth are exposed to various things like sugars, bacteria, and other factors that eventually wear on your teeth. A routine dental cleaning would look like this:

Removal of Tartar

Tartar is plaque that attaches to the tooth’s surface. Over time, this builds up and can form above or below the gums. We focus on removing this plaque buildup to ensure that the plaque doesn’t turn into a cavity.

Plaque Removal

Plaque comes from various bacteria, food debris and liquids that end up building up on your teeth. When this happens, the bacteria can end up causing issues like bad breath, inflammation and gum decay. Removing the plaque can help reduce the chances of diseases commonly found in the mouth.

Polishing Teeth

Once everything has been removed via the processes above, polishing finishes off any remaining buildups and leaves your teeth with that smooth, clean feeling.

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