General Dentistry

Our dental team provides a range of general dentistry services to meet each mouth’s needs. We offer a variety of services including fillings, crowns, and more.

General Dentistry in Lethbridge

Optimal Oral Health is really a state of balance among our teeth, supportive gums and bone, muscles and jaw joints such that breakdown of any of these tissues is prevented. Regular examinations and preventive maintenance will be customized to your needs.


1. What is covered in General Dentistry?

  • General Dentistry covers procedures that help the overall condition of your oral health. This can range from annual checkups, to fillings due to cavities. Each mouth is different and requires different care. We encourage you to reach out and book an appointment with us about your oral health.

2. Who are the dentists currently with Stafford Family Dental?

  • Dr. Rajesh Grover and Dr. Rose Biazaran-Ranginkar are our dentists at Stafford Family Dental. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

3. I get nervous when I go to the dentist, how can Stafford Family Dental help me?

  • Being nervous at the dentist office is a very common thing! If you’re someone who gets nervous at the dentist, please let us know! We strive to ensure that every process is explained well and so you can have peace of mind! We also utilize STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia), which helps us isolate the teeth that require freezing with little to no pain. If you have further questions, please contact us.

4. How do I book my first appointment?

  • To book your first appointment, please visit our New Patients Page and fill out our questionnaire and once we receive it, we will reach out to you to book an appointment.

5. What benefits programs do you accept?

  • We are able to provide direct billing to most insurance companies. If you are curious if we direct bill to your benefit company, don’t hesitate to contact us. Some examples of benefit companies we direct bill are ABC, Canada Life, Greenshield, Express Scripts & Sunlife.

Happy Customers

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“Having a dentist phobia isn’t fun! Stafford Dental is a top notch establishment that I would highly recommend to anyone! From the friendly courteous admin , to the super knowledgeable and on top of their game dentists and assistants they make you feel at ease and comfortable. From start to finish I felt nothing-even when getting the freezing. I never thought I’d say that was an enjoyable experience at a dentist office but it truly was. They are very knowledgeable on the newest equipment and techniques to ensure their patients comfort and quality of care is taken care of. A great office with phenomenal staff.”

Kelly M

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The staff at Stafford family dental are the most amazing, helpful and friendly staff I have ever met they go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable during the procedures, would definitely recommend them for any dental work that you need done, thanks to all the staff for being the best there is! 😄

Paul D

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Phenomenal dental office. Staff are very friendly from the moment you walk in the door through to payment. They are very accommodating for dental “emergencies.” I chipped a tooth, and was able to get in to have it fixed in short order. Dr. Grover and his staff are all interested in providing the highest quality dental care. He has the most modern equipment of all the dental offices I have visited over the years, making even most routine visits comfortable, quick and thorough. What I truly appreciate is that they are interested in providing excellent care and ensuring that my dental needs are met whenever I need a cleaning, crown or fixed tooth.
Highly recommended.

Barb N

Dentist in Lethbridge



Stafford Family Dental is now accepting new patients. To book an appointment with our Dentist in Lethbridge, please reach out to us via our contact form or by calling 403-942-3733 today.


Accepting New Patients

“Stafford Family Dental is currently accepting new patients in the Lethbridge Area. Please complete the new patients form to get started”