Anxious Dental Patients

We understand that there will always be patients who are nervous when going to the dentist, let us help you have the best experience at the dentist.

Where we start

iTero Scanners are the alternative to the traditional “putty in tray” impressions that typically are uncomfortable, messy and can have errors on them. If your putty impression wasn’t correct the first time, you may be spending more time in the dental chair ensuring this impression is accurate. iTero Scanners can scan your teeth and provide a 3D digital impression in less time, less invasiveness and are much more accurate. We want to engage our patients with progress and understanding of the dental work required to have a great smile.

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Full mouth scan to show dental patients their teeth.
With 3D imaging, we can show you our dental plan.

STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia)

STA assists dentists with performing local anesthesia. The STA system carefully guides dentists as they perform injections which provide the patient with less discomfort and no collateral numbness. This makes an easier experience for both the dentist and the patient. 

STA System


Stress-free and Gentle Leaser Dentistry for Cavities
Why WaterLase? Less pain. Fewer shots. Faster recovery. Technology continues to change our lives every day. Increasingly, dentists are chosen to use cutting-edge tools including dental lasers to take care of your oral health. Depending on the type of laser your dentist uses, they can successfully treat many common dental conditions in a gentle, minimally invasive way.

If you’re nervous, let us know!

At Stafford Family Dental, we strive to ensure you have the best experience at the dentist office. If you are feeling nervous, definitely let us know so that we can take extra care in ensuring that you are comfortable!

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